Paint Protection

G-Star Film Solutions uses LLumar self-healing paint protection film, also known as a clear bra, saves your automobile’s good looks with no change in its appearance. With the foremost optical clarity in the industry, our paint protection film lets paint colors show true, all while providing an invisible defense to help protect your vehicle. Protect your vehicle’s exposed areas against abrasions, nicks, scratches from insects, small road debris, and winter sand and salt for year-round protection.

Precision Technology

Llumar self-healing paint protection film is manufactured with dual functioning technology that maximizes durability and provides a high gloss shine. Llumar self healing paint protection film is recommended for factory paint and is easy to clean and maintain. It won’t affect your painted finish – even if you decide to remove it.

Applicable to hoods, mirrors, fenders, door handles, door edges, bumpers, and more, G-Star’s Paint Protection Film patterns are computer-generated and cut precisely to factory specifications to guarantee a perfect fit every time.

Clearly, Llumar self healing paint protection film offers the best solution for keeping your vehicle in excellent condition. And it is certain to enhance its quality and resale value for years to come.

Benefits of Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film

  • Protect your vehicle from costly chips, nicks, scratches and scuffs
  • 10 Year Warranty – the clearest, strongest paint protection film on the market
  • Crystal clear, high gloss, non-yellowing urethane film
  • Aggressive weather resistant, ultra transparent, acrylic adhesive
  • Clings tenaciously, yet removes cleanly without residue from fully cured paint surfaces
  • Highly resistant to UV rays, oils and chemicals
  • Llumar self-healing clear bra is virtually invisible and does not alter the esthetics of your vehicle or its factory finish
  • Clear bra preserves resale value of your vehicle
  • Easy maintenance, treat just the same as your existing vehicle finish
  • Proven in Europe for years and now available in the USA
  • Available in Matte finish